#Vermont that is seeing a record number of cases is 85% partially vaccinated and 73% completely vaccinated. It is seeing higher hospitalizations and ICU occupancy is pushing over 80% again, but fewer patients are dying. Remember that vaccination is only one level of protection. An 80 yr old's risk of dying from #COVID19 drops to that of a 50 year old, but not to that of a 10 year old once vaccinated. When everyone decided to put their masks aside and then went inside this fall, cases started to rise. Wear your masks indoors even if vaccinated in a Moderate Transmission area or higher. CDC says you don't have to wear a mask indoors if you are vaccinated, but this is wrong IMO in any area with rising new case numbers. You need all levels of protection. Here is what Vermont told citizens on Oct. 5th: healthvermont.gov/sites/def... How much do you want to bet that people are ignoring the guidance? And note that they don't mention wearing masks other than in a few types of locations.