@SunnyDayzTrades hey sunny, I just want to start off by saying thank you for everything that you do. You’re advice has gotten my account into the green again and it continues to grow. I’ve also learned a ton from your posts in regards to trading. Can’t thank you enough bro. I wanted to get your thoughts on dffn after this most recent drop. Do you think it’s wise to start slowly creating a position there, or would you hold off until it settles again? Take your time and thank you in advance!
@Pounds1792 no prob! DFFN is a mess at the moment, serious management issues, I wonder if there are deeper issues they are not telling shareholders. I would wait a bit on that one to be honest. Tagged the 50 and the 20SMA today and bounced, have to see if it holds tomm. You can see the triple top rejection which is why price is down here. 3 times and no break through is usually a bearish signal. Will leep eyes on it and let you now if I see a safe entry
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