$FSLY I was not going to panic out of this name. The new stop is bit below day low. It rarely happens to me that a name will take this big of a hit and gap below my stop with this large of %. Have to have a rule to not panic but know what to do.
@SunriseTrader @tobsir Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant did the gapdown bring price to a specific level you were interested in adding at before? When your position does gap down AH, will you usually adjust your stop to just below the low of of the gap down day's candle? Just trying to get a better understanding of your process, and how and why you adjusted your approach following the AH move. Appreciate your feedback, thanks
@tobsir This is hard to explain because I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I am very disciplined and hold to my rules. I have 2 stops for all swing trades. 1 is line in the sand I can't take the pain which is much lower than the 2nd stop that is on paper and is an end of day stop. I look at all holdings during the last hour to see if any end of day stops will hit
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