$TRVN (Weird. Maybe it's just my computer and phone, but this post disappeared so I'm re-posting it again.) I pieced together all the career postings for Syneos and Trevena for you all. Note that even if there are positions in the same cities that those positions are different. For example, in Chicago, I count five (5) positions. All of those positions are different: Institutional Account Manager, Key Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Director of Trade and Distribution, and Health Economics Medical Science Liaison.
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@Sunsus Oh! I just re-read your question! Where are "you" "leading" us to? Hopefully, I'm not leading anyone anywhere! I am just trying to piece together ALL the information that I can gather and share it so that everyone can consider everything possible before making an investment decision. We are extremely lucky to have several astute ST users on this board! None (well, a lot less) of my information would not be here w/o their comments. If anyone is confident after their own dd, in IMHO, the best course of action is to stop playing w/ options and just load to a responsible financial level for one's own household budget BEFORE the institutions load up. Then, get off ST until until next year! I should take my own advice actually as I am, and have been, full loaded for some time now. Best wishes and best of luck : )
@WhidbeyIslandWA I want to clarify my question about “leading to where” lol. I was trying to get a sense of these different opening positions in dif cities mean? Are they big enough to BO us? Or they are doing this for the BO company to get ready?