$EROS Buying when the SP is stupidly low, stock is beaten down, shorted, cinemas closed, in the midst of a pandemic is smarter than buying when the stock is in $7+ when we have movie release after release and subscribers numbers have doubled.. As much as I would have loved to see $5+ right now. I know good things are coming. We’re transitioning from an Indian streaming platform/movie producer to a Hollywood/Bollywood powerhouse. Yes it’s taking the slow, difficult path but we’ll get there and when we do it’ll be beautiful. I expect the Eros bouncy ball to bounce nicely after OPEX leading up to the ticker change. Next catalyst is the erosstx.com/ brand and website launch, then the Updated Platform including STX/NBCuniversal titles. Sucks we’re not there yet but hopefully now Drew & Crew are on board they can get things moving and fast! GL All.
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