$AGRX - investing in twirla is not a coin toss! (1) regarding approval - historical data shows an 80% chance of approval based on favorable adcom & if you add the 14-1-1 adcom vote & the delay it is closer to 90% and (2) regarding the potential gain - i see it trading up to $10 with a buy-out up to $15. no these targets will not occur on day 1 after approval but based a standard formula using potential revenue. it is a fact executives got a ton of stock options 2 weeks ago and it is a fact cfo has sold all 3 prior companies he worked at and it is a fact this company is a buy-out target based on cash - see my posts from last week for more detailed info and (3) regarding selling on news - small retail will be selling smart money with a longer term vision will be buying so you pick who you want to follow...
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