$AGRX - gambling versus risk taking. gambling is a roll of dice or buying a lotto ticket & is 100% not in your control. risk taking if you're smart, & do due diligence is a calculated risk & maybe 80% in your control & 20% luck. in my corporate career i got 4 promotions by stepping out of my comfort zone. nothing was given to me - i studied the next level to quality before i got anything. executives love to hear people who want more and embrace challenges and do not like people that coast. I use this same strategy in stock market. yes i lose sometimes but my gains by far outweigh losses. why did i buy about 500k shares of AGRX at 0.50 and have not sold a single share? i waited about 9 months of ZERO trading until i saw a golden opportunity, i researched the value of what an approval meant & reason why i did not sell at 100% profit or even now. staying in your comfort zone, taking profits at 10-20% is okay but don't expect life changing results. good luck.
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