$AMC someone had to say it !
$AMC Thank you Lou vs Wall Street! Gutted cos I believed in you. AMC could have crossed $60. CLOV took the wind off of AMC today. Fool us once, shame on you! Fool us twice, shame on us. You are a very good salesman playing the street guy. Blew your cover with the CLOV shit show. Said you were announcing it tomorrow but jumped on the bandwagon when it was ripping in the morning. We are apes but we ain't dumb money! Lou helped Citadel & other Hedge Funds to make a boatload of money. Citadel own 513,775 shares of CLOV. Susquehanna 2,170,505, Greenoaks capitol 96 million shares. We just tripled the value of citadels stock.
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