$ZOM Here's the rundown Truforma is great! the cartridges are great! the future of ZOMEDICA will be a sight to see! here's the bad news short term here zom has barely had anytime to really get there device out there suggesting earnings are not going to be that great and we could easily see the 65 cent range to the 85 cent range after that Q2 Q3 Q4 going to be huge this stock is an investment and a long investment short term here don't get your hopes up long term you're going to be cashing out big! I'm currently not bought into zom right now and plan to rebuy after earnings and hopefully see that 65-85 cent range, but other things to take into consideration this stock will take 1 GOOD pr to drop and she's going to 3 plus without a doubt if we don't see any pr 65-85 cent range hopefully this helped some new investors. if you're already bought in and have waited out this massive drop average down!! by this time next year zom has the potential to be a double digit stock.