$AVPT What did this garbage give to you? it's only pain and frustration. Don't say all SPACs are down. SKIN, RSI so on decent SPAC are outperforming SPY. TJ and his cronies took half of you money to pay the existing share holders. The funny rebuttal was it was used for the compensation to the stakeholders. That's what I am saying. Why did TJ use your money to pay the existing stakeholders? Every measly pop will be sold off. and as you know, this company is losing money, so even if this garbage manages to gain some momentum, a huge public offering is gonna wait for you. Look at SOFI, OPEN so on. Even if it releases ER beating the expectation, every momentum will be killed off by the public offerings because AVPT is losing money every year. oh~ they use money for the marketing? SKLZ has a better growth rate but they also use huge amount for marketing. refer to what happened to it.