$CLOV Time Since Last Change Timestamp (UTC) US:CLOV Short Borrow Fee Rate (%) 3m 2021-06-10 14:28:11.345 40.07 US:CLOV Short Shares Availability 3m 2021-06-10 14:28:11.345 400,000 Latest Market Date 2021-06-09 Short Volume 71,741,107 Market Volume 370,990,800 Short Volume Ratio 19% From Fintel Am I seeing that right on the fee? That can not be right can it? Link: fintel.io/ss/us/clov
@Svitlana Keep in mind they can flip the switch at anytime meaning it can go the other way You just never know but if you believe in what you own you hold and add on dips but always take profits on a run. I do always.