$CCXI Funny how u all freak out on this drop while I’m here sipping on my whiskey enjoying the read of all these bullshit posts from scared paperhands! 😂 If u stayed through FDA approval u would also do the same! They pushed the price down from like $19 down to $10 right after it popped to $43! This stock is worth triple digits with a big chance of a buyout! More than 100%+ return potential with almost no downside! Risk vs Reward Low Extremely high I’m holding and adding! U think the institutions are selling with an avg of like $31?? I don’t think so! They don’t even look at this stock because they know what they own! The price drop because retail are impatient and someone wants in and pushing it down! It is low float with low volume which makes it easy for even a small retarded retail to push it down With $50k-$100k u can easily even push down the strongest stock! Just look at Herbalife! Enjoy the day instead if u don’t have the stomach for red