$BNGO Feb 22, 2021 Keith Speights (TMFFishBiz) "I really like Bionano's technology. I think the stock could move higher over the short term: The short interest in Bionano has significantly increased. ANY 'good news' from the company could fuel a nice short squeeze! Bionano's technology is impressive. Its Sapphire genetic sequencing system can detect large structural variations that others can't. Sapphire looks at variations in up to millions of DNA base pairs, a capability that is crucial in researching diseases. The company is pretty much in a league of its own in its niche market of digital cytogenetics. Bionano estimates that its market opportunity is between $2.6 billion-$3.8 billion annually. If Bionano manages to attain the lower end of that range it's possible it could be worth more than $20 billion if it can capture a big chunk of its addressable market. That's a lot of room to run! Bionano long-term prospects could be outstanding."