$AIMT Bear = short term memory. Oct 2019 Piper Jaffray analyst Christopher Raymond says his recent survey of 45 allergists, capturing over 21,000 peanut allergy patients, indicates "massive upside" to the estimates for Aimmune Therapeutics' Palforzia. The analyst notes that while he's accustomed to optimistic feedback on a new therapy, he was "not prepared for the level of awareness and willingness to prescribe Palforzia." Market share projections equate to Palforzia revenue "many multiples of that modeled by us and consensus," Raymond tells investors in a research note. Almost all, or 44 out of 45 allergists, indicated they would prescribe Palforzia at some point. The survey points to potential Palforzia revenue in pediatric patients alone of $1.1B in fiscal 2020 and $1.9B in fiscal 2021, Raymond says, which is well above his U.S. revenue estimates of $69M and $237M, respectively. He keeps an Overweight rating on the name with a $60 price target. Read more at: thefly.com/landingPageNews....
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