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    Christopher Joined Oct 17, 2012

    I love burritos, beer and biotech. I don't take myself too seriously, and it has helped me enjoy life to the fullest.


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      ESP Trading
      Give us a month and we will enhance your trading. Leave emotions and bias out of day/swing trading with our stock picks to buy and sell stocks. High probability trades sent real-time by Text message and Email.
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      Jimmy Richards
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      David S
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      So Generous
      Financial Engineer. Using technical analysis, fundamentals, & market psychology. Made 1,000%+ on FB, NFLX, and REGN options. My goal is to become one of the greatest investors and traders that ever lived.
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      Manish A Parikh
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      Richard Taylor
      Gainfully unemployed.Stock market aficionado since 1983.Turned $8,000 into $177,000 in 8 months in 1999.Still don't know anything.DYODD- Do Your Own Due Diligence.(Standard Disclaimer.Standard Obligatory.)