$RECAF so yesterday I am at the semi-private pool here in a villa in Conchas district PV Mexico. I meet my neighbor (here for a month) and we start talking stocks, oil, investing and politics. Turns out he is from Canada and some roots in the Alberta oil industry, his dad and grandfather having worked at Dome Petroleum in the 50s to 80s before being bought out. Long story short - I tell him about RECONAFRICA, he gets interested and did some of his own DD last night. This morning he is banging on my door - eyes bugged out and asks me did you see the Seismic, man there is a lot of oil there and he got all excited, told me he just bought 10,000 shares as a start. Seems he learned about seismic charts and info from his dad and grandad when they used to travel and do their pitches with seismic data. I haven't heard of anyone not being impressed with the data, and such a small piece of total.