$SPY $DJIA $QQQ Media really trying to dig up the stories now, the closer we get to the election. It's so obvious. You just have to be looking. They will try to increase the volatility as we get closer. although every facet of the market, credit, bonds, breadth are in a great position. Same tactics, 4 years later. Unreal. Fed is backstopping the markets. Elections and negative commentary aren't enough when the fed is involved. Fed doesn't care about the election. They care about giving the funds necessary to the markets to keep the economy from breaking down. If they change course. So will everything else, including my views
@Awasis777 You have no experience. If the market is the future economy, then that would make the market a leading indicator correct? Then the economy should follow the market hitting all time highs and rebound. Your statement is contradictory! You should think about what you type before you hit post!