$ZOM Why Zom ?? $PFE sales team + $ABT sales team launching new product in March of 2021. Will revolutionize the Veterinary Care industry. Jan 4 appointment of CEO Robert (Ref: Multiple companies taken from millions to Billions!) Insider buys hit 17.5M on 12/31/2020 at .23 share price. SEC Report on 1/5/2020 @ 4:05pm. Insider Buys: President - 2.5M shares @ .23 CEO - 12M shares @ .23 CCO - 3M shares @ .23 Day 10:10 closing above .20 for compliance completed. (Day 10:10 is Jan 7.) TRUFORMA Commercialization March 2021. 70 Patents. 7 Assays (two new ones added in September 2020). Pending validations and FDA approvals. Qorvo Partnership. Bulk Acoustic Wave (“BAW”) technology. Projected $2.8 billion industry, believed to be the first ever for use at the point-of-care and the first ever available in veterinary medicine. And they just went public 3 years ago. This will be their first major product release. 🔥💀🔥 $BTC.X $DOGE.X 🔥💀🔥
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