$GTEH 🔥💀🔥Why GTEH? 🔥💀🔥 🔥👽🔥...Uh... did you read that fkin PR they dropped!!? 🔥👽🔥 🔥4/1 MASSIVE MID-QUARTER UPDATE: 🔥Gross consolidated revenues currently at $110,628 after Feb and Mar monthly operations, monthly revenue rate on pace to produce 89% sequential quarterly topline growth 🔥Present Accounts Receivable for SINFIT at $82,338 after Feb and Mar monthly operations, matches total from previous Q4 🔥SINFIT's cash-on-hand currently at $860,000, growth of 293% on a sequential quarterly basis. newsfilecorp.com/release/79... 🔥3/30 Settled MASSIVE $1MIL lawsuit for only $50k! finance.yahoo.com/news/gent... 🔥UFC sponsored athletes promoting their Sinfit brand. 🔥Will be featured in a “Mr Olympia Wheelchair” documentary on Netflix that drops in April 2021. 🔥Healthy Leaf CBD products! Nuff said! CBD Coffee & Products. 🔥Focusing sales on CrossFit Gyms and Amazon. Amazon supply chain stocked. 🔥Acquired “Secret Java” coffee brand. $BTC.X $ETH.X $LTC.X $GME