$GGPI $CCV $CCVI.U $ALCC $NGCA 🔥FACTS ABOUT SPACS & MERGERS🔥 1. SPACs have a floor at about $9.60 - $10.00 so the downside is VERY limited. 2. Some SPACs depending on the Acquisition Company can be Extremely rewarding. Look at Polestar & GGPI OR Thrasio & CCV. If these Definitive Agreements are announced, you can expect share prices to increase significantly (depending on Valuation). 3. Most SPAC mergers are announced on a Monday though it really can come at any time during the week. 4. Definitive Agreement (DA) is usually announced when everyone least expects it. There usually isn’t a rumor of a date and time of DA as nobody knows. 5. Institutions and PIPE investors of a SPAC cannot sell shares at anytime and must wait for a lockup period which is after the Official Merger and Ticker has taken place therefore Retail investors does not have to worry about huge share sales.