$VTNR For anyone on the fence about what VTNR share price is really worth. Going to do a small comparison to Clean Harbor that has ~ 55M outstanding shares compared to the officially listed 75M outstanding shares of VTNR, and we can call it 100M shares to account for any of the current possible financing dilution. Clean Harbors Q2 EPS $2.44, Sales $1.36B, current P/E of 23+ on 55M shares with the price at $108/sh. Vertex Energy combined overall business sales for 2nd Qtr should come in at $1.2B+, likely higher. Mobile refinery alone will bring in ~ $800M+ by itself with the rest coming from the other Vertex original core facilities. Expected 2nd Qtr EPS of $1.25+, with 3rd Qtr & 4th Qtr also expected to bring in ~ that much or more each Qtr. So just use $3.75 as minimum 2022 EPS, with a P/E of just 5, and you get $18.75/sh. But since Vertex is moving into an additional 10K+bbls/day of renewable diesel by 2023, our growth should demand a min P/E of 10+, so $37+/sh.💰