$NIO You all need stop comparing NIO with $XPEV & $LI. The key EV components and technology such as electric driving system, and battery charging and energy storage system that go into Xpeng's cars are supplied by NIO. Even other EV players in China uses Nio's technology. Li is a hybrid, so you cannot even talk about them. They are not even 100% focused on fully EV. And so, Like I said NIO is more vertically integrated than you think. Xpeng may have an their own factory but really it is just an assembly line, many of the core movements for its cars are supplied by Nio's XPT division. As you can see NIO's organization structure. XPT Limited is 100% owned by NIO Inc. Like I have been saying, NIO is NOT simply a car company, it is a conglomerate of many "startups" just like how Elon Musk described Tesla- a company with multiple "startups". The only companies that you should be owning is NIO and Tesla if you want the best of both worlds because they both have their own uniqueness.
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