$XOM Apologies for being quiet today. Wife had day off work today and kept me busy. Did let me trade sporadically though and glad she did. For those who doubted/blocked me for calling this downturn, I still love you. Didn’t help with Pfizer releasing results this morning, but still hit my 37.50 target. I couldn’t resist buying more $38P’s in the .20’s either. Would’ve held some early sells longer, but Fidelity holding me back with 200 puts at a time sucks. Felt forced to offload some early. I sold everything off today as my target was 37.50 and while it could go down tomorrow, I’m not feeling lucky it’ll stay down. Also, need to have SP .50 lower than today’s close in order to make up for time decay. $81k increase in my IRA! Could just buy XOM here and collect $8k a year with the profits from these puts. Here’s my trades and running totals. It’s FIFO so while every trade was profitable from a cost avg. basis (.465), I wanted to be transparent about buy in prices. GLTA!