$XOM boy this board is quiet today. My put call down was worth $83k in profits this week. I felt the mid 37’s would hit yesterday and today and I bought $36.50 calls. Well, both predictions came true, but I didn’t exit my calls for good profits yesterday when it hit 37.51 or this morning when it hit 37.40. Got greedy on both. I did buy 600 more $36.50 @ .47 and .4247 when this dipped this morning and agonizing every time my alerts go off and bounce right back down, specifically at 37.10. I still feel good that it will rise and crack into the 37.20’s minimally. With the additional calls, my BE SP is 37.05 now (after fees) and can exit significantly lower for same profit as yesterday. I can’t trade after 2:55ish so either it cracks up by then or I just let it ride until my brokers liquidate them for me. Let’s see what happens.
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