$OXY Milestone confirmed! +$506k YTD profits. Like to thank the following tickets for my 2022 gains. Apologies if I missed any… $OXY (biggest gains) $F $VTNR $90k YTD (still holding) $NCLH $ROKU Also want to recognize all the wonderful people on ST that share ideas and news! Started 2022 slow w/ small gains then tanked down -$300k+ in Late January on a bad OXY play. Took a month off to reset and got back in the saddle. I recognize this is a terrible market for most who buy and hold, so I appreciate the win. Now over $2M gains in the market since I retired late 2020 (18 months ago). Made these profits being both a bull and bear, in multiple sectors, hyper focused on macro/micro events for intraday to few week swings. Caught twice on longer term bag holding, but those worked out really well. Most of that will now go to my “annuity” like portfolio to collect 10%+ for income. Just waiting for a new Nasdaq low to enter $NUSI. Good luck all! Bulls and bears can eat well!