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    Gurn Blanstin Joined Sep 13, 2010

    Options Equities Trading, Golfing...Useful , Careful ideas... Tracker for every trade ~ Good or Bad...


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      Steve Place Official Account
      Professional derivatives trader, focusing on equity options. Dabble in forex, futures, and tulip bulb swaps.
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      Sean McLaughlin Official Account
      Former Head of Community Development @ StockTwits. Independent Trader. Former Chicago Board of Trade Member. Host of the Gimme Some Options podcast. Grinder.
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      Kenny Glick Official Account
      The truth is an illusion just like the stock market. It's not real unless you make it real. All you peasants and serfs looking for the holy grail will walk over a cliff to your death as you follow the sheep in front of you. Good luck.
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      Joel & Ryne
      Trade alongside of us free for 30 days and unlock your true potential! ||......Founders of - The Investment Community......|| Find Us Below ⤵️
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      Squirtle Squad
      Goal is for solid, consistent gains. I use strictly technical analysis. Rule #1: Never hold through news #2: Be patient, never greedy. #3: It's never a bad idea to lock in gains. #4: Have fun with what you're doing. Check out my website below!
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      Momentum Trader
      The #1 Momentum Trading Squad. Join 5000+ Traders Here!
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      11ChartsReport Official Account
      Former William J. O'Neil portfolio manager and hedge fund manager, Ross Haber, provides actionable stock ideas and setups --
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      ʍҌ աՕҽ
      love lions , stock trading, occasiona car wash trips to wash the audi(gonna turn into a private jet). im n. buffoon; with tha said trade with me on discord(1pridetrading) (WOLFPACKTRADES)(BLACKBOXSTOCKS)(
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      Charles Moskowitz
      Veteran trader: Stocks, commodities and options market letter writer, radio show host, Trading since 1974 : See results for EVERY trade on the site link...
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      Stocks analyst, professional equity and options trader. Momentum trades specialist.
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      Open Outcrier
      Option trading headlines, breaking news, rumors and strategy. Nothing we post constitutes investment advice; we may have positions in mentioned names. Sign up at
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      Cody Freeman
      Relative Strength trend trader. I manage private accounts, focusing on technical trends and risk management.
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      Former Portfolio Manager at Goldman Sachs Founded Hedge Fund that was acquired for $52 million. To subscribe to our members only-private twitter feed go to
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      Zsolt Mokos
      Yes,the tattoo is mine :) Have been trading since 2009, looking for hot, oversold,momentum stocks -day - and swing trading -The entire market is a pump & dump
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      Roberto Pedone
      Trendfollower trader (independent), senior contributor for & Chart reading junkie. Pattern recognition chart player. Day/swing trader. Love small caps. Give me a catalyst! Follow me on TWITTER for all posts @zerosum24
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      Secret Stock Society
      Our room provides alerts AND education for Penny Stocks, Momentum Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETF's. Our specialty is looking for the best set ups and sharing them in real time. | Voice Feature | Click the link below, and join the chat today!
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      Warrior Trading Official Account
      In the Warrior Trading chat room we review the market and trade the biggest movers every day! Join here: Disclaimer:
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      Retired Army Nurse (Officer). I make OBSERVATIONS what u choose to do with it is YOUR business. PLZ Don't ask me where to enter/exit. Do your own due diligence when considering any trade that I may mention. Tape Reader.
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      Robert Buran
      Questions? My E-mail: Phone: (702) 490 5317 I have been a trader and TradeStation programer for 20 years. My stock trading systems are outside the box and I post them on the web every day along with a video.