$BIVI $YAYO $OTRK got so much hate when some of us warned everyone to leave all TP stocks after the otrk fk up. BIVI was in the $30's, YAYO in the $4's and OTRK in $35's. @StockReversals and his minions started attacking anyone who told the truth and even threatened legal action. Glad some of my old time bulls acted on the warnings and got out. TP is a scumbag con artist. Gunz warned about that after knowing him for 30+ yrs. Don't put your faith and livelihood in that scumbag. As others who know him have said "he would sell his own mother for a nickel"
@TW_Research @DevRocket Bullshit. You said you believed in the company still but it was too big to qualify for continued coverage. You can't rewrite history. It's in black and white from prior posts. This post shows your lack of integrity and angers me.
@RatherBeFishing You are correct, I initially dropped coverage for that reason. I also stopped posting on the company. However, in my premium Slack room, there was a lot of ongoing conversation and as time went on the story started having holes and I pushed everyone to get out. Sorry if you're not a premium subscriber.