$WTII I'm not going to lie....I got out when this hit 5 cents because of the huge runs and how hard it was being pumped last weekend. I'm back in with 500K shares at 3 cents and this will be a long hold for me. It's crazy not to be in with the announcement of the big box store in 7 days and them stating "this will be great." They would have to be fools to make such a statement and then announce some no-name maw & paw home improvement store. Additionally, companies don't update their CAGE unless they're seeking government contracts. Does this guarantee they will get any? Of course not, but I'd rather be invested in a company pursuing many angles than one that is complacent. The ones continually bashing the stock need to get a life. Did your mother lock you out today when she made you take out the trash? Maybe she intended you to be part of the trash? 🤔