$SPY A little perspective on following your gut: I bought my first SPY puts on February 3rd. I thought the situation in China would affect our market sooner than it did. I bought 10k in puts and was down to 2k in value. (I was and still am new at this - and I still am.) I made 38k in profit from that 2k in the next 3 weeks. I took most of that and bought gold and paid off my bills. I took another 12k to load up more puts. I have lost half of that the past 3 days. I am not selling because I feel we are headed for another dip. Am I right? Who knows. Could I lose it all? Yes. Would loosing it really hurt me? No. My point isn't that I know what is going to happen. My point is sometimes its ok to follow your gut, as long as it won't financially wreck you.
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