$SOS THIS GETS WEIRDER AND WEIRDER! So the company FXK tech corp that they acquired (in Canada mind you) just emailed some guy that thought he was emailing HY INTERNATIONAL NY INC (seller of mining rigs in NY) back in Chinese. IF THEY ARE LOCATED IN CANADA WHY ARE THEY EMAILING BACK IN CHINESE!? not to mention you can’t find anything on this Company they acquired either!!! Just another bullshit shitty website that looks as shady as the rest of them! Again open to discussion let’s discuss this shit! It’s shady and debatably screaming scam!!! I’m seriously thinking of contacting the sec just to have someone there look into this... AS ALWAYS DD IS POSTED IN SCREENSHOT BELOW AND IN COMMENTS!!!! Not financial advice!
@Fantasyffjoe @Lunareklipse man it gets crazier!! They merged with this non public traded company in end of 2019 right before COVID!?!? How much auditing you think went on during that merger process (COVID started in China and lockdowns three weeks after merger)