$OCG Looking to get back in around trendline area for a bounce back, financially very strong, low float expecting some news to take off soon.
@TYGN You state "Financially Very Strong"? What basis do you have for that? What information and who verified it? OCG has not issued any information other than when they IPO'd. REVENUES were supposedly down by 94% at the time of the IPO due to Coronavirus et al. There is no analyst coverage of this "company". There was a pump & dump scheme within days of OCG listing on the stock exchange and it has not had any appreciable movement back up from the nosedive in price. The links on the companies web site lead nowhere or are dead ocgroup.hk/ There is no communications/response from the company via the information listed on their web site per a stockholder. OCG has the EXACT same web site as TKAT/Takung Art which has traded for PENNIES for years until recently. This coming from a company that touts it's "proprietary software" to set itself apart from the competition. takungart.com/ ocgroup.hk/ KEEP PUMPING with no proof of any legitimacy.