$GNUS Mike Porter confirmed that Andy exercised his warrants into common stock. For the rookies out there, exercising does NOT mean selling. All it is is a conversion.
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@XDecker @Straight_Cash_Homie Look. I'll try to summarize. CEO, execs and 3rd parties controlled 85% of the common. Then they orchestrated the debt notes with conversion. The 15% common holders from last Oct were not invited to lend the company money. The 85% is majority and the 15% could not block a thing. There were 11 mil shrs Oct 2019. Then 30 mil March 2020. A couple direct offerings happened after, for about 30 mil shrs. As of now there are 218 mil shares (includes 135 mil from pre March debt warrants). If you bought gnus last Oct, you would have tripled your money today....without dilution you would have a 50 bagger.
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