$GNUS I cant predict price direction. Heck I thought 1.88 was concrete then Andy dropped that friday bomb. What I can do is remind the longs of things they probably forgot.That short report did not surge last friday, slightly decreased. This does strongly suggest the insiders did not dump, at least not much. Also, what Andy wants, Andy usually gets. Andy wants more shares. If insiders dump all of those 125 mil, the chance to succeed in vote is out of Andy's hands. This strongly also suggests they may not dump. "gentlemen's/ladies agreement" to wait? Let's suppose only 120 mil shares are out there...for now. Longs still have 20 mil shorts she out there. I do not and will never know how many shares the collective mm's are holding so cannot factor that in. The shares could be squeezed though with the right news. Especially user analytics. Again, I wont predict direction up or down...but we all know a spike could happen. I despise the CEO making $$$ on cheap shares but not you folks:)
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