$PDSB "New Strains Of COVID Could Render Vaccines Completely Useless, And 2 Dangerous Mutations Are Already Spreading" zerohedge.com/medical/new-s... If you thought it was just about the durability issue, it goes way beyond that. I will not be in line to get one of these quickie vaccines that are being forced through, mostly to put billions in the pockets of the master puppeteer BP f'rs who are peddling that shit just to cause their stocks to pop so they can sell enormous amounts of shares, knowing that it's temporary, because their vaccines are actually not worth a damn! After reading that article, maybe it's a super fat clue that Frank perhaps has pretty good foresight. To get it right takes time. Frank put PDS0203 out for peer review, whereas none of those quickie fraudsters did anything of the sort. Let's see what happens. There are plenty of signs that Frank is on to something. If I haven't made that case already, maybe you're one of those with an attention span issue
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