$HEPA I remember one of the hired bashers commenting that Hepion currently only has CRV431 in the pipeline, and I was wondering whether they might think that a company with nothing yet in the pipeline wouldn't accept an offer to take Keytruda for free, given that it's just one drug, and how in the world can you build a f'n pipeline around a single drug.... such a futile endeavor, a surefire formula for failure! Such bulletproof logic is simply unfathomable! The utter brilliance is blinding! Take the time to do the deep research on CRV431, and you just might have trouble sleeping at night, for all the possibilities. It's that BIG! Go see for yourself, and then try to tell us what other molecule has the potential breadth and depth to make for the sort of pipeline CRV431 alone is capable of. And, when you're done with that exercise, think combos...