$HEPA In the DEF-14A filed May 11th for Period 06/25 - "we have approximately 36,968,029 shares of common shares available for future issuance" In the DEF-14A filed September 7th for Period 10/07 - "we have approximately 30,658,047 shares of common shares available for future issuance" They specifically issued those 6.3m shares to someone so they could be voted in favor of their proposals, thinking that would put them over the top, but it didn't. We don't know who they issued them to, and they probably won't show up in someone's Q3 filing, but we'll be looking for them. Others should also take a moment to submit an SEC complaint. If they get enough complaints about the secret issuing of 6.3m shares to skew the vote, maybe it gets attention. Subtract 30,658,047 from 36,968,029, and it's 6,309,982, which is 5,018 less than the employee stock options they were attempting to distribute if the vote had gone their way (6,315,000). app.quotemedia.com/data/dow... app.quotemedia.com/data/dow...