$HEPA I posted some stuff yesterday, when we first heard about this new development - "Novel technique solves structure of the HIV capsid alone and in complex with host factors" It is highly relevant to the antiviral mechanism of action of CRV431, and we're talking about a very direct relationship here. The story is getting traction, as you can see: news-medical.net/news/20211... science.org/action/cookieAb... jioforme.com/new-technologi... I'll refer once again to this older article about some extensive antiviral research that was done with CRV431, and here's a key takeaway from it - "It has been postulated that the inhibitors disrupt the proper folding of HIV-1 capsid" ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl... For newcomers, Philippe Gallay's lab does the bulk of the CRV431 antiviral research, and he's on the Hepion Scientific Advisory Board 'Hepion CRV431 shows positive activity against SARS-CoV-2 in NIAID study' biotuesdays.com/2020/09/17/... We will be hearing more about this. Stay tuned!