$HEPA I re-posted the DEF-14A's from May and September for comparison the other day, with a reminder that the one from May mentioned "Change in Control" once, and the one from September mentioned it thirteen times. Along the same lines, I make it a point to not forget that the conditional Form 4's submitted in May, for the employee stock options that we voted down, were only for those who would be departing upon a change in control of the company, meaning those who would be made redundant. They appeared to be an attempt to distribute parting gifts to Foster (CEO), Cavan (CFO), and the BOD. No Form 4's were filed for the other top executives, Trepanier (Senior VP for Drug Development), Mayo (Senior VP for Clinical Pharmacology), Ure (CSO), or Hobbs (CMO), all guys whose expertise would be needed, with AI-POWR, CRV431, knowledge of cyclophilins in general, and experience with the ~200 molecules they currently have on the shelf, with at least one that is expected to be employed "soon"