@RealTruth @microcapspeculator @Jwa68 Happy Saturday. I'm pinging the three of you as I respect the work you've done in PRVB. I would love for you all to get on the INMB bandwagon with me. I believe this is going to be a massive story over the next few years and it's so damn undiscovered it's crazy. Next catalyst is an IND for Covid trial that should be approved within a month or less. Got lots of info I can share if you care.
@Jwa68 @RealTruth @Tailwinds_Research INMB looks like a real microcap. I could see them moving up if any of their current testing pans out. On Covid plays I wonder what happens to all the planned trials if they decide to recommend one of the current repurposed drugs being tested. I can't imagine anyone signing up for a trial if there is a suggested treatment regiment.
@microcapspeculator @Jwa68 @RealTruth that’s a great question. So far nothing working very well. I look at it like cancer drugs. They work okay but not completely effective. Therefore new trials still ongoing despite standard of care. INmune might need to change trial versus standard not placebo. Or used in addition to standard versus standard alone. Either way, not a positive as you suggest.