@Gleen Let me help you with your DD here Let me be very clear, there are no comparisons. GRIN had only one split back in 1997 and haven't done a dilution in so long I cannot even find the SEC documents for the last time they did it. GRIN has far more institutional and fund ownership, a larger fleet and it is diversified into both bulk and product tankers. The general public owns only 15% of GRINS stock, the rest is tute, hedge funds, private equity firms, or insider ownership. In SHIP the genetic public owns over 90% of the shares meaning hedge funds, and private equity firms don't want to touch it. The people investing in GRIN is smart money, in ship it is robinhood retail. GRIN is up over the past few month over 20% and SHIP is down over 30%. Most importantly, GRIN isn't Greek. šŸ‡¬šŸ‡· āž”ļøšŸ”„
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