$EROS Review for "Bajirao Mastani" It's a historical drama and romance. There is a lord who went to emancipate some city and falls for some warrior chick, but he has a wife. I guess I cannot go into it too much without spoilers, and I hate spoilers. The overall plot was ok, mostly centered around a love triangle but with alot of historical elements. The acting however was pretty good, and there is the beautiful Priyanka Chopra playing the wife who I never watched much of before but I have to say she is really good. It is in hindi which did make me have to read subtitles which is my only gripe because it I really wanted to keep my eyes focused on the amazing cinematography, that was the best part. What I absolutely loved were the visuals, the cinematography is absolutely amazing and a work of art. Some scenes completely breathtaking and the presentation of it was amazing, which surprised me considering it doesn't have nearly the budget of a hollywood blockbuster.
  • 6
It is one of the flagship movies for Eros, and I would absolutely recommend it. Although having to read subtitles is a drag especially when you see amazing shots that draw your eyes away, it has some great cinematography, and it is a beautifully done period piece with pretty good acting. The plot is kind of mundane, IMHO but its presentation was done quite well.
It has 5 stars on Eros and a lot of people tagged it as a favorite. I would give it a solid 4 stars, but still was a very great visual experience with good acting. And Priyanka Chopra and some of the beautiful ladies are easy on the eyes...