$ATOS Welp, I told the MIP sheep it would probably drop to $3.70’s to grab entry and it did this morning. I’ve been loading up under $3.85 to regain full position after unloading some on the most recent news & artificial pumps. I asked the CFO if they had to adjust study protocols or anything but the company is simply just waiting for FDA approval for AT-H201 and will release the PR as soon as they get it. GLTA.
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@TarekMorad Aye Tarek, you're convinced they'll provide full protocol and at least some guidance right? It'd be a shame to have waited this long for a 3 sentence PR.
@EvinCEO haha yeah, I’m pretty confident given their PR history. They got a solid PR team and like some detailed updates. Def more eyes here now after the last PR as well so should be more retail buying on trial approval(s) and more sustained pump. And don’t forget we were loading under $2.30 to start! The biggest move has yet to come imo.