$FUBO expect a consolidation again this afternoon as people try to find their true validation. Keep in mind...$26.85 is where everyone called bullshit and bought back up. That’s entry point for a lot of people. This is $8 per share soon. Even at that entry point that is over 24%. Not going to happen tomorrow. But rise the glide. We are raising and plateauing beautifully. Like a true, honest, business model would do. If all the retail who hate shorts want to jump in...more power to them. Institutions are treating this as a legitimate sector competitor and we should too. Money makes money. There is NO OTHER SERVICE offering what they offer. Investigate it...if you can prove me wrong feel free to educate me. Haven’t found one yet and won’t. Their concern is on other items. If you could travel back in time and invest in the first sports broadcast system would you. Hint: They’re no associated with one of the largest companies in the world.