$TSLA I sold all my position!!! It feels really good to take profits to be honest. I have 10200 now to invest .. what do you guys think? 23 shares of Tesla premarket at 7am??
@BitTyBoOp well this will inspire you to learn. i would buy 5 of these. at 2k per contract that's 10k. every penny over 435 = 5 bucks for you. Soooooo yeah do the math. or, the price could go to 434.99 and you get bupkis. i would love to have 10k for 5 of these. too late for you to get options in place unless you already have them, but watch the trade as a paper trade. do the math on, say, TSLA going to 465 this week at some point before 5 pm Friday w 5 of these bad boys in your port. 👀