$WKHS 5 days, 132%... could go more, but my bet for the next week or so is profit takers and short attack..set your stops and take some profits.. news is news, not a signed contract or sales report. Play smart, this has hit the so called “moon”
@Tc_24 well, anyone using the word “brah” is hard to take serious.. it’s simple logic and history of stocks.. news brings in buyers.. buyers push the price up, smart traders take profits.. stock starts to drop a bit, shorts take positions, people start averaging down with cheaper shares, price tanks a few buck, stop losses trigger, people panic sale, stock drops more.. next step is depressed bah holders talking about how crappy the stock it, same ones who said “brah” it’s going to the moon, then mars!! 👍🏻 hold your position, I simply stated to play safe and set stop losses.. never said it was going to tank, just shorts see an opportunity after a 132% run. Good luck “brah”
@free_money1978 You are 100% correct my guy, the cycle of the market will run it’s course - I know it all too well after last summers run... But I mean really...if you bought the top of last summers run at 5.37$ then you only had to wait a year to triple your money...this last mile delivery shit is about to pop off....infancy stages....ink hits the paper on USPS and I’m sorry....it’s over