Here is some DD for the new people in here. For the people that want to visit the company, go ahead. This is what you will find. A real company with real products. VIEW THE WHOLE THREAD. Thank you @ZerosandOnes for your work.
$SIML $BBRW Yesterday I raised some questions about these two merged companies from a locals viewpoint and their overall story/locations/purpose/etc due to perceived locations and operations based off reported info. I was worried this was a non existent sub penny pump. The good news is I dug a bit last night and today. I found all of their locations of operation that I could tie legally to them. I went to each today unannounced and they are super legit from a manufacturing infrastructure standpoint as well as affiliations with other local businesses. I also linked up with 3 businesses that i could link to them from a vendor or supply standpoint whom all reported that are legit, they have cash flow and they operate business to business in a legitimate manner. I will post a few pics and some simple observations with pictures below. For transparency I hold both companies now and will buy more Monday after making my discoveries. Here is to shopping local and real DD. :)
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