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    Yield investing , Options and Canadian Natural Resources. TeREK 8: A migrating bird in rich resource countries & 8 investing rules ! Always consult your financial adviser. All opinions on this site are intended for educational purposes only.


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      Matthew Yee
      Learning something new everyday PSA: My advice is not to be taken as investment advice. Please make your own decisions when investing.
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      OptionScan Official Account
      DATA is the new OIL. This app is more like refining and data processing instrument. it's up to u to use that data to ur advantage to mint some money ­čĺ░
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      Value Investor, focusing on finding an outstanding company at a sensible price rather than generic companies at a bargain price. Make your money work for you!
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      Peanut Dealer
      McMuffin ......Don't trade my ideas and opinions.
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      The Market is an organism. Alive and breathing God is in the fractal
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      Tammy Bryan
      Indiana Business Owner/ Realtor, now trading and traveling. Play the on the right side of the trade! Bull or Bear trade at your own risk : ) TRADE CASH FORGET OPTIONS!!
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      Business owner with a lot of success in search engine optimization, marketing, branding, and other numerous services provided to over 1000+ clients. Check out my FREE Discord channel about stocks/ventures:
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      brad cooper
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      Rudy if you want to share a idea with us
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      Peter Lynch One Up On Wall Street #1V8 expertise, multi baggers, getting in #B4TheBreakout Firm believer $BBRY ought to be in your Long term portfolio ­čĺ╝
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      To invest is not to bet, you can try but maybe you'll cry. My opinion is not your decision, choose an option at your own risk and please, don't scream to the screen ... it's not guilty!
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      Trading mostly ER but only a few sometimes swing trading. Using guts feeling watching closely and looking for patterns in this crazy markets. Used to work for mutual funds. Still learning never late to learn from mistakes
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      StockTwits Help Desk Official Account
      We're here to help.
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      see you on venmo
      Retired Army RN (Officer). I make OBSERVATIONS PLZ don't ask me where to enter/exit. Do your own due diligence. Donations made by using the app "Venmo". I predict correctly a GREAT % of the time QUICK SCALPS. Oo3Jaqu Week 8/7 95%
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      I am not a fortune teller! I cannot see the future, so please do not follow my trades unless YOU are a fortune teller or you are willing to lose :)
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      Alex Pitti
      I write for Seeking Alpha and have an investing YouTube channel. Subscribe to my channel in the link below.
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      Alexandros Yfantis
      Portfolio Manager-InstaForex analyst for Gold and USDX. Trading2day personal blog @alexanderyf
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      Mina Kevin
      People find writing profession a one boring job to do, but for me being a professional Author/writer is motivational. Working for Biz News 247 is an amazing experience, via this I got a chance to explore the industry in a better manner
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      Simpler Trading Official Account
      Simpler Trading is the market leader in interactive financial trading education. Founded in 2010, the company has provided expert guidance and coaching to over 250,000 customers across the USA and globally. Simpler Trading's veteran team combines ove
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      Alan Watts
      A lucky millennial with a bit of savings