$XXII So, XXII gets FDA approval in December to market their Very Low Nicotine Moonlight cigarettes. Today, they meet to discuss advertising of VLN. 13 million shares traded hands today. Bloomberg ran a positive story on 22nd Century on the very same day. Yahoo picked up the story and ran it on their home page. Stock manipulated down by someone wanting a large position and finished EVEN. Coincidence? Or, is this how Institutions steal cheap shares from retail investors who buy on greed and sell on fear? We knew it was coming. For the past two weeks, posters her talked about "playing the Feb 14th event" for a quick profit. They panicked when the price dropped below their purchase price and we all know the rest of the story. The good news, the large investors who wanted a position in XXII every since their approval in Dec 2019 should now be long term holders. That's why they play the game sports fans!
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