$SPY How far and how fast is $SPX going to drop? Will it drop for a year and a half to 56% like 2008? Will it drop 49% for 2 and a half years like 2000? Or will it drop "only" 30+% in a few months like 1987 or even 1 month like last year? LOL By the way, I was asking this same thing this time last year. LOL
Here's what $SPX and $RUT looked like in 1987. This is why I jumped back into the market in March of last year. I had been expecting a 45+% drop like 2000 and 2008. But when I saw last year that $SPX had dropped 30% in a month it looked a lot like 1987, so I jumped back in to ride the recovery back up.
Right after that rapid 30% $SPX drop in 1987 was a Reaganesque recovery in 1988. That's what we had last year. So I'm playing it by staying out of equities again. If it takes over a year to go down 30% I'll stay out until it's gone down at least 40% or even 50%. But if it goes down 30% in a few months, I'm diving back in as quickly as President Sniffy dives into young white women's hair.