I wish to thank The One for sending his servant The Killer to aid us in our time of need. He never steered me wrong and through him we slayed many Demonic Shorts this week and wrecked their accounts. Retweet @KillerStockCall In Honor of The Killer His Best Weekly Alerts " $BPSR HOD 0.6299 from 0.0428. A 1,371.73% Increase $GGII HOD 0.0347 from 0.0033. A 951.52% Increase $GVSI HOD 0.0388 from 0.0065. A 496.93% Increase $BTX HOD 78.88 from 24.00. A 228.67% Increase $MVIS HOD 31.14 from 13.77. A 126.15% Increase" Thank you for sending me these weapons and helping us slay the Shorts in the battle of the Retail VS Shorts, even when some of our Retail brothers, and sisters have betrayed us. You @KillerStockCall stood brave and proud.